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We carry Tin Whistles, Dulcimer Books, Tin Whistle Books, Books on Banjo, Hammered Dulcimer, and many other instreuments including Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Electric and Upright Basses.
While I am not technically left-handed (though I've been told I have two left feet), I keep in stock a number of chord books and chord charts for left-handed Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele.
The books we carry follow my own interests, and have been vetted by me for accuracy and usefulness. So, since I don't, and never pretended to, play French Horn, I carry no French Horn books, but I have a wealth of Ukulele and Tin whistle titles, along with, of course, Mountain Dulcimer and Guitar titles.
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Carrot Creek Mountain Dulcimers

Lutherie (instrument building) information...Dulcimer, Guitar, Folk harp, Ukulele

Carrot Creek Music will be at the following event soon;

October 4 and 5, 2013

Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival

Milford, CT 

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Stephen Miklos, Luthier

Carrot Creek Mountain Dulcimers are handcrafted from selected solid woods in designs that combine a traditional overall look with elements of surprise that make each one stand out.  Less obvious are the structural differences inside and out that give a richer, fuller sound to each instrument, complementing the characteristics of each combination of woods used. 

These are dulcimers I have made over the past decade, and have already been sold. I've been teaching and performing at dulcimer festivals, and hope to return to my shop sometime soon.

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Student Model Dulcimers

Carrot Creek Student Model dulcimers are made with a shorter scale length of twenty-four inches to be more comfortable for smaller hands. The special Italian Poplar laminate body material is light and resonant. 
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Carrot Creek Mountain Dulcimers

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